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Giving a Concert?  Rent the Academy Organ!

Made in Holland by Gerrit Klop, the Academy's organ is designed for chamber music and choral accompaniment, with a transposing keyboard for performances in either A415 or 440. To achieve the mild, yet carrying, tone prized in continuo organs, the pipework of the Academy organ is made entirely of wood, following historical examples such as the 1610 Compenius organ made in Copenhagen. Its small size and solid construction make it easy to transport.

The dimensions of the organ are 35-1/2" high x 44-1/2" wide x 19-1/4" deep. The stops include one each at 8', 4' and 2', each divided in halves (bass and treble).  Additionally, there is a treble compass 3' (i.e., 2-2/3') stop.  The compass of the keyboard is 54 notes, CC to f''.

The Academy's continuo organ is available for rental by interested organizations and individuals.  Rental fees for the Academy organ are $400 for up to 120 hours (i.e., 5 days), and $750 for 6 to 12 days.  Fees for longer rentals may be negotiated with the Academy.  Insurance and other requirements apply to rentals.

Academy members may use the continuo organ at substantially reduced rates:  $100 for up to 120 hours (i.e., 5 days), with longer rental periods negotiable.  The Academy's insurance covers use of the organ by Academy members.

All users of the organ are responsible for transporting it to and from its Ann Arbor storage location.  For details, address your inquiry to Eberhard Gerlach (e-mail or phone 734-663-6419).

Rental Forms
Standard Rental Form (non-member)
Academy of Early Music Member Rental Form